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Waterman Chiropractic Center

100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractor in San Ramon CA
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Waterman Chiropractic Center provides quality chiropractic care in San Ramon CA and surrounding areas while teaching The 100 Year Lifestyle principles of optimum health, longevity and wellness.

When you are suffering from an injury, pain or other health problem, the chiropractic care we provide will give you the relief and stability you are looking for and address the underlying cause.

If you want to reach optimum health and peak performance levels regardless of your age, or provide healthy drug free solutions for your children and family, our practice will be a great fit for you.

Everyone deserves to be healthy and express their full potential from the time they are born through their last breath of life. This includes you.

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Patient Reviews

"As an avid runner, I have always experienced lower pack pain and lived with this pain for most of my life. I figured if I stretched long enough I would eventually feel better. One of my coworkers brought up the idea trying a chiropractor for help. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was referred to Waterman Chiropractic Center from a friend.

I went in looking to fix my chronic back issues, and after examination found I had issues in my hip and neck. Once adjusted, I was amazed how much more range of motion I had in my hip and lower back.

The next day I was able to increase my running mileage by 3 miles and recorded a personal best in average pace. I couldn't believe I had been living with all that pain for so long. I literally feel like a new man!"

Jordan B.

"I have suffered from chronic sinus infections and migraine headaches for years. After enduring one sinus surgery, only to have the pain return 10 fold, I was desperate to find relief. One afternoon, after spending the entire day in bed with a pillow over my head trying to stifle the pain, I called a friend who's husband is a chiropractor out of the area. She said that when he needs adjustments, he goes to see Dr. Waterman. That in itself was a great recommendation, so I called and made an appointment for the next day. From the moment I walked through the door, I was greeted warmly and felt very comfortable.

That was just a few months ago and since then, I have only had one mild headache! The Waterman team is extremely caring and have gone out of their way to not only stop my pain, but have also taught me techniques (that I can do myself) to prevent the headaches from returning. That to me is just above and beyond amazing! I can honestly say that the Waterman Chiropractic Team has changed my life and I will be forever grateful."

Danielle C.

"This place is great, especially for those "newbies" who have never been to a chiropractor before -- or do not believe in Chiropractic care.

I was referred here by one of my friends at my gym as well as my fiance who had major jaw (TMJ) and flexibility issues (couldn't lift his arms above his head all the way).
ANYWAY! I made my first appointment, and the staff was super nice, friendly, and explained everything in depth. I was amazed at how nice everyone was in the office. They answered all my questions, and even went above and beyond explaining how to submit chiropractic claims to my insurance.

They were incredibly thorough and explained how chiropractors work, explained what they do and don't do, and made me feel at ease. Before he adjusted me, he would explain what I would feel and experience. I wish the rest of my doctors would talk this much!!

He has made me feel like a different person!! I now have more flexibility at the gym, my daily headaches are gone, and I no longer have constant lower back pain."

Jennifer S.

"I was referred to Waterman Chiropractic Center in July of 2007 by a colleague from work. My severe back pain and spasms had been occurring intermittently for the last 10 years but my most recent episode started about 4 months prior to seeing Dr. Waterman and I was in constant pain. I had previously tried physical therapy, massage, stretching, Advil and rest without relief. Since beginning treatment with Dr. Waterman, I have enjoyed a swift and profound improvement in my quality of life. After the first adjustment I was feeling 50% better and I had full relief of pain within the following 4 weeks. Since then I have adopted regular chiropractic adjustments, cycling and strengthening exercises. I can enjoy my life at home and concentrate on my work without pain. In addition to my regular adjustments, I have benefited from light therapy, kinesio tape and soft tissue release on the plantar fascitis in both my feet. My experiences with the staff and doctors at Waterman Chiropractic Center were very organized, positive and professional."

Robert MD, Lafayette