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Make Your Health a Priority!


This site is all about living to 100! From workouts to diet plans this site will get you to where you need to be.

One of our favorite websites for everything health related. Dr. Mercola has the largest alternative medicine health website and informs you on natural ways to be and stay healthy.

This website is fantastic to see which healthcare products can be harmful to your health. Type in anything from your favorite eye liner to your sunscreen in the search box and here you will learn if it is safe or if there is a better alternative.

Did you know that kids benefit from Chiropractic Care? This site is geared for just this! "Your children will learn via your actions and example, inheriting a health culture they will carry with them for a lifetime"

Foundation Exercises

Foundation exercises help you understand your body and its movements. Due to our posture and daily life we have unlearned correct biomechanical movements. This routine retraines your body and mind.