I first brought my daughter in to see Dr. Devin based on a referral. She was experiencing headaches and growing pains on her legs. After seeing him regularly her headaches and growing pains are gone.
-Michelle M.

Love this place!!! My 16 month old son is in a great mood after seeing Dr. Devin Waterman. I highly recommend
-Arlene D.

We are so happy to have been referred to Waterman chiropractic! Both myself and my kids have been helped with chiropractic as well as treatment for our hypersensitivities, or allergies. The allergy season this year has not been as bad as it has previous years for us!!!!! We’ve all had a serious improvement in our quality of life!!!
-Aynsley T.

We saw Dr Devin Waterman for my 5 month old son who was starting to seem uncomfortable and stiff when he was held. It was small changes over time that led to this and something maybe only a care taker would notice but he was grunting quite a bit so we knew he was uncomfortable. I knew going to the pediatrician they would say he looks fine and send us on our way because most are not well versed in optimising nervous system function. I knew this was more nuanced so we needed to see Dr Waterman. Turned out my son had subluxations in his back and pelvis causing his spine to be extremely “locked up”, no wonder it was hard for him to roll! He was definitely very uncomfortable. I noticed a huge difference after the first “very gentle” adjustment and after a couple more, my son has sustained his new level of comfort. We started getting to see more of his personality the week of the first adjustment and he’s been exploding with life since! I get my adjustments here too and as a mom of 4 I appreciate the fact that we can have back to back appointments with the same Dr! I cannot recommend Waterman chiropractic enough!!
-Allison K.


I recently gave birth to twin boys! I firmly believe that my pregnancy was not as difficult and painful because of my weekly adjustments. I also firmly believe without them I would not have been able to deliver my boys BOTH naturally! Dr. Waterman has been adjusting my boys since birth. One of which suffers with reflux but not after his chiropractic care. Their infant care is gentle and effective.

Look, I could go on and on, if you or someone you know is in need of healing call the Watermans, whether you’re 90 or 9 days old and anywhere in between.
-Monica B.

My first adjustment with Dr. Devin was over 10 years ago and I’m hooked! Recently he helped me through my entire pregnancy, helping me adjust to the extreme change my body was going through. Now hes helping my whole family adjust to the physical demands of caring for a 1 year old! We LOVE this practice. I trust him with my whole family and we would be a wreck without him! You literally couldnt ask for more!
-Lucy T.

So thankful for the Waterman’s. They are so knowledgeable and really know their craft. They have been treating my family and I for almost a year now and the results have been outstanding. My husband has many sports injuries and Dr. D has transformed him. Also, they are the best in prenatal care. My pregnancy has been smooth sailing thanks to my regular adjustments. Looking forward to continue care and for our little girl to get the best care as well. Thank you both for taking the time to care for my family.
-Angela Z.

I have been so pleased with Devin Waterman at Waterman chiropractic Center. I initially went because my husband had been seeing him for adjustments and after years of chronic pain was feeling much better. This was a different visit for me because I was at the beginning of my third pregnancy, seeing Devin over the course of this pregnancy has honestly been life-changing. I’m a local hairstylist and stand the majority of the day as well as a mom of two Elementary school age children and find myself running around all day long. I could talk for days about how happy I am and pleased with the way that my body feels but bottom line if you’re looking for overall care and not just someone who’s going to crack your back but truly cares about the health of your entire system this is the place to go!!
-Ashlee W.

I’ve been coming to Waterman Chiropractic since I was a teenager. They have helped me through multiple car accidents, food allergies, a high risk pregnancy, and a laundry list of other fun aches & ailments that have popped up over the last 15 years. I couldn’t do life without them! So much more than what you think “chiropractics” means- incredibly intuitive and deliberate in their healing.
-Megan W.

Family Care

Thanks for squeezing the family in! After the holidays, we definitely needed a treatment to keep our immune system boosted. We have been coming here for 11 years and with active kids and a busy life, you both keep us in tip top shape. Thanks to you and your staff!
-Marcey D.

Amazing in every sense. If you’ve ever felt like you just want someone to truly help you with your health and actually find and solve the problem opposed to giving you medication for the symptoms, go here. This is a family run facility that will make you feel at home and family. Their knowledge of the body and connections between each of your systems is incredible.

I originally had my doubts and fears about Chiropractors but with a little bit of trust they constantly change my life for the better.

I had several issues with headaches/migraines and constantly feeling like my body was on hyper drive, they were able to figure out the cause and get me back to my healthy state!
-Eric S.

Dr. D is amazing! As a patient, you feel like part of a family. There is nobody I trust more with my family.
-Jen L.


I’ve played competitive soccer through college and after college I TRY to maintain a healthy level of activity. This comes with many injuries (ACL, Shoulder separation, sprained ankles).

Through this all, I’ve been lucky to have grown up with the Waterman’s and have been a happy patient for almost 17 years now. From high school injuries, to college to post college athletics….the Waterman Chiropractic Center has been my defacto first stop shop for care, advice and rehab.
-Brett S.

I came in a few years ago with shoulder issues that were supposed to stop my swim career. After a few adjustments, I was back in the water. I currently swim at a collegiate level which has always been a dream of mine and thankfully I was able to do it! This place is the BEST!
-Charlotte M.

We Care!

Waterman CC is an exemplary health and wellness office. At our first visit, we received a tour of the office and Devin spent a considerable amount of time really listening to me and my wife’s ailments. I wish other health and doctor’s office showed even half the amount of genuineness that Devin did in understanding me and my wife’s issues and explaining how we can address them. I highly recommend Waterman CC for anyone considering chiropractic work to improve their lives.
-Drew W.

This is the best Chiropractor I’ve ever been to. Extremely thorough, patient and extremely caring. Very easy to talk to and they don’t make you feel like your crazy when your trying to explain your aches and pains. He knows what’s wrong with me before I even tell him. The staff is very friendly and caring. Very comfortable atmosphere. I’ve already recommended friends to come here. You should give it a try!
-Joelle D.

The staff is kind, courteous and hospitable. In the initial assessment the doc lays out the plan in a methodical and logical way with x-rays and all. They seem sincere and committed to improving my quality of life, so props to them.
-Jonathan H.

Doctor Waterman is a chiropractic wizard. I have lived my whole life with migraines and sleep apnea which at the age of 23 isn’t my idea of fun. After getting the cranial facial release done 3 times, I already feel a night and day difference. I can’t wait to sleep at night and not snore like a bull.

So happy I found out about this treatment and owe it all to Mr. Waterman. You and your staff are truly amazing!
-Chase P.

Hands down, the best chiropractic care I’ve ever experienced. They do a thorough intake and come up with a strategic plan to prove you with a unique healing plan. Dr. Waterman and his son Devin truly care about their patients. The office staff are warm and friendly.
-Tara H.

Taking care of the whole person!
Their approach is more thorough and advanced than any chiropractor I’ve experienced. I highly recommend!
-Greg B.

Dr. Devin and the staff here are absolutely amazing! I’ve suffered from massive headaches, and scoliosis pain for several years now. I’ve been to several chiropractors, and have had no luck with chiropractic care until now. Before finding Waterman Chiropractic; I had tried several treatment regimens including: acupuncture, pain meds, physical therapy and also seeing other specialists. None of these had really worked for me, and I felt like giving up. Dr. Devin has been able to reduce my level of pain, and has greatly improved my way of life. His staff are extremely friendly, and helpful. I highly recommend Waterman Chiropractic Center!
-Ashley N.

Dr Dev and his staff have been phenomenal for my family and I! I went in with several issues, digestive ailments-he discovered a hiatal hernia and helped me get over it, a chronic neck issue, foot problems as well. He has been extremely helpful and would recommend he and their practice to anyone, we are all getting better and my wife has some serious hip issues he has helped too!
-Brian C.

I have suffered with gastrointestinal problems since I was a child. In July of 2017 my problems became severe. I sought help from gastroenterologists, primary physicians, naturopaths, acupuncturists, colon hydro-therapists and Stanford experts. I had some relief from acupuncture and colon hydro-therapy but things were not progressing as quickly as I wanted. In researching my condition I learned that chiropractic care might help me. After extensive research on the type of chiropractor to hire and a very high recommendation from a close friend, I made my decision to make an appointment with Waterman Chiropractic. I made the appointment and before the appointment date arrived, I was rear-ended while stopped at a red light. Needless to say, my first appointment at Waterman’s was for whiplash and not stomach issues. I was scheduled with Dr. Devin Waterman. He immediately started working on me to heal the whiplash and at the same time told me he could help me with my stomach issues. Dr. D has taught me how important the body’s alignment is to all aspects of your health. 30 days after the first accident, I was hit again from behind, while at a dead stop. Dr. D has had quite a challenge getting me to a healthy state but I am feeling better and better as each day passes. My whiplash is almost completely healed and my stomach is healing better than I could have hoped for. Dr. D is a true healer. He has great hands and fingers and genuinely cares about his patients. If you are the least bit hesitant to try chiropractic care…don’t be…make your appointment with Waterman Chiropractic. Your body will be happy you did.
-Vickie V.

It’s hard to put into words the impact that Dr. Waterman has made on my life. One thing I do know, is he has changed my life. I had migraines for 9 years and now I cannot remember the last migraine I have had. I lived with raynaud’s disease and with Dr. Waterman’s adjustments, I rarely have symptoms anymore. I would recommend Waterman Chiropractic Center to anyone. If you’re experiencing pain, poor sleep patterns, migraines, or digestive health problems I promise it will be worth your time and money to go in for an appointment. In no time, you’re life will be changed to!
-Courtney F.

I have been suffering with a terrible cough and congestion for over 6 years. Have been to 5 doctors and have had every test known to man, with no results. Not one of them can tell me what I am suffering from. They just tell me to go back to what I was doing which is using a lot of over the counter medications or, they want to prescribe more medication.

After 3 treatments with Dr. Waterman and the Nano SRT I am completely off any medication and feeling great and breathing perfectly. I wish I had met him years ago as I am sure I have done some damage to my lungs.
-Bobbi C.

Over 40 years of experience in San Ramon

Thanks to both Dr. Waterman’s (a father and son team) I am feeling much better in what I feel is a short amount of time (one month). They provided excellent service and a full explanation of what was causing my issues before they requested that I allow them to start the treatment process. They did a full set of X-rays and a full exam in an effort to determine the reasons for the discomfort that I was having. I can tell you that I am not a big believer in doctors or the medical profession…but these guys are different. They have a plan before they start the adjustment process and work at each short appointment to make your life better. I recommend giving Waterman Chiropractic a shot if you have continued or on and off pain and/or discomfort of any kind. So far their treatments and adjustments have done me well.
-David C.

Waterman CC is an exemplary health and wellness office. At our first visit, we received a tour of the office and Devin spent a considerable amount of time really listening to me and my wife’s ailments. I wish other health and doctor’s office showed even half the amount of genuineness that Devin did in understanding me and my wife’s issues and explaining how we can address them. I highly recommend Waterman CC for anyone considering chiropractic work to improve their lives.
-Drew W.

Began coming to see Dr. Waterman when I was having sharp back pains and could hardly stand up. I could not tie my own shoes! I immediately began feeling better with the help of his treatment and the treatment he recommended I do at home. They are organized, efficient, and really good at their jobs! Very happy with the decision to go there and will continue to, as I am feeling SO much better!
Michelle W.

Dr Waterman truly has healing hands! I’ve been here dozens of times over the past couple of years – and walk away better every time. Very clean and professional staff. Can’t say enough about this place. I have recommended to my best friend. You won’t be disappointed.
-Sean W.

I have had nothing but great experiences at Waterman Chiropractic Center. Friendly, knowledgeable, and I always walk away feeling amazing!
-Anthony F.

Dr. Waterman was super informative and helpful. He worked through some issues that i have been dealing with for several years and have seen other chiropractors and sports medicine practices for. Very thorough and looks at the entire body as an interacting system, would definitely recommend.
-Riley C.

I woke up in severe back pain and was able to get in on emergency as a new client (emergency for me, it was horrible pain) I loved how calming the environment was as well as the time Dr. D took, walking thru me the results of my X-rays.
Seeing what exactly was wrong and then a plan to get better is huge to me. Also, I was super impressed with the fact that he could pinpoint other health issues I had based off his exam without me even mentioning it.
Totally worth the pain just to find Dr. D!
-Christina B.

The gals at the front are always helpful and smiling. They all have such a positive attitude that you can tell permeates down from Dr Waterman. I have really improved my health both physically and emotionally since joining them as a client. Have been seeing Dr Waterman for over six months.
-Diane L.

After years of unbearable migraines and headaches that made it nearly impossible for me function I felt like I had run out of options. My doctor had written off my pain as being young, overworked, stressed, and not properly taking care of myself leaving me basically fending for myself. After a recommendation to visit Dr. Waterman, I went and received x rays and scans showing what I knew was true but couldn’t prove, that I did indeed have physical issues that were adding up to case my migraines everyday. Not only is it a relief to be believed about your pain but to actually have proof to show for it. After one week of adjustments with Dr. Waterman I started to feel relief and can proudly say that I have not suffered a single migraine since that week. My quality of life has been boosted and bettered unbelievably. I couldn’t have asked for better results, not to mention the wonderful and caring staff. I used to think pain and discomfort was going to be a part of my life forever (and I’m only 23!) but I know that relief is out there and possible now.
-Abigail S.

Excellent service. Extremely knowledgeable and ope to listening. Staff is kind and funny as well as efficient. I always feel acknowledged
-WC S.

This is a great Chiropractor clinic. Everyone here is top notch and they make you feel as comfortable as possible. I’m thankful this wonderful facility is near my home.
-Andrew L.

Both Dr. Brent Waterman and Dr. Devin Waterman provide gentle and caring treatment. They have a super efficient & friendly staff! This is always my ‘go to’ for self care!
-Marjorie Y.

I have been using Waterman Chiropractic for over 32 years. They care a great deal about their patients health. I would and do recommend people all of the time.
-William C.

Dr. Devin is amazing! His sense of humor is refreshing and I genuinely feel like his #1 priority is improving my back! I love the comprehensive 3,6,9, & 12 month treatment plan & convenient location to my work! Office staff is so accommodating & helpful. Highly recommended.
-Bridget G.

I wish there was 6 stars to give! Both Dr. Brent and Dr. Devin have been life changers! I graduated chiropractic college with Dr. Devin and it has been a blessing to watch him grow into a magnificent chiropractor that cares for the entire person. He is a master at finding the causation of peoples problems and doesn’t waste time treating the effects. This allows his patients to get better faster and stay functioning optimally. I owe a lot of my awesomeness 🙂 to Dr. Brent! He helped me take my knowledge learned in school and really apply it clinically. His experience is priceless and I look up to him as a mentor. Thank you both for making such a big impact on my life!
-Dr. Nick Carruthers

If you’re on the fence about getting chiropractic care, try this place and you won’t regret it. For a long time I thought Chiropractic care was only for a specific set of problems, but I was wrong. For years I’ve had increasingly bad acid reflux and Dr. Devin Waterman has really helped me begin to fix and understand the underlying causes instead of just managing the symptoms. I am amazed how many of my problems are connected to the skeletal & nervous system. Bad back, shoulder, acid reflux, TMJ, stiff neck, are all on the decline.

By far, this has been the best Chiropractic experience! Iv’e had issues with my back for a long time. At the hospital the just wanted to mask the pain with drugs and other chiropractors that that taking x-rays wouldn’t help discovering any problem. My first visit here and an x-ray showed exactly what I problem was and I felt completely different even after the first visit. The staff really cares for their patients and it makes a big difference.
-Nathan R.